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Our Story

It is not just a cup of coffee. It is a morning whisper in the ear of your lover, a wish of a great day, a confession of love and passion, a make-up after a fight, a business negotiation, girlfriends chat and gossiping, a mother and daughter advice, a father and son lesson in life, best friends’ secrets, a quiet time with self to reflect and meditate. It is all of that and more... It is our life story.

At Rôticana, we strive to uphold a family legacy that has been 60 years in the making. With our main goal to bring back the authentic experience that ties us all to a great cup of coffee. To bring back the desire of slowing down and enjoying the process of coffee making. To bring you the perfect cup of coffee to accompany you in every occasion. This is the personalized experience we are gifting to you.

Rôticana, is a bold and ambitious coffee venture established in New Brunswick to serve coffee connoisseurs while preserving the traditions of this ever-flourishing commodity. Whether it’s a sophisticated coffee critique or just one who enjoys a chat over a cup of coffee, the longing for a sip never goes out of style!

Headquartered in Fredericton and backed by innovation, Rôticana is committed to producing the best coffee from the most exquisite beans imported from across the globe. Using the unique one-touch automation roasting process we extract only the finest aroma and flavour for every cup of coffee. Rôticana believes that perfection is only possible with consistency and precision. For us, it is paramount to put a smile in everyone’s coffee experience.

Our Community

We promote favorable deeds that benefit the community and contribute to the preservation of nature. We encourage participation in aiding local efforts to unite people and create positive change.

At Rôticana, we embrace the diversity of people and ideas as a business imperative generating more opportunities for learning and improvement that lead to success. We had the honor to be awarded and named as "Champion for Cultural Diversity 2018", by the New Brunswick Multicultural Council

Our Solutions

We build solutions to help grow your business.
We are offering a unique custom solutions and reliable machines to meet and exceed our clients expectations for lower operational costs.

Our Products

We deliver the most exquisite coffee by sourcing the finest coffee beans from all over the world while ensuring every batch we produce meets our standards by undergoing stringent quality assurance by only using “state of the art” small batch roasting techniques to maintain a consistency in aroma and flavour.

Each bag of Rôticana contains superior quality coffee beans picked from the world’s top-tier coffee fields. At Rôticana we regard our coffee growers as vital benefactors of our success. Each bag seals the fruits of their labour and contributes to our legacy. Using state-of-the-art equipment with small batch roasting techniques, we maintain a consistent aromatic flavour that creates an exquisite coffee experience.


"I am so proud to display and serve Roticana Coffee products in my restaurant. The Turkish coffee is the best that I have ever tried in my life anywhere in the Middle East."

– Ehab Radwan, Co-owner of Taste Of Egypt

"Roticana in one word - Fantastic - I have loved watching the evolution of Roticana from its early beginnings to the shelfs of the retail market. Delicious high end product by local coffee roasting expertise - it simply does not get better than that. Well done Roticana, your brand and quality is second to none"

– Janet Moser, Director Fredericton Immigrant Business Services

"We can't make Roticana's coffee fast enough at Planet Hatch. The only thing better than their coffee is the service they provide."

– Chris McGinn, Planet Hatch Coordinator



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Roticana Coffee Company Inc.

212 Hodgson Rd, Unit 2, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.  E3C 2G4

Phone: 1.506.472.7070